Tiffnee + Myles Enagaged // Longmont, CO Engagement // Colorado Summer Engagement // Sandstone Ranch Engagement

I am completely bias, but these images just make my heart flutter. I have become close with Tiffnee over the years, but not just because we have danced together, but because her joyful, kind, and hard working spirit has made for such a kindred friendship. I knew her when she fell for Myles a few years ago and she has been happily head over heals sense. He is such a hard working and tender hearted guy that loves her so much. Seeing them interact during their engagement session brought me such joy. Her absolutely stunning smile hardly left her face, and his constant admiration of her was precious to capture.

Here are my favorites from their golden hour country engagement session.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm f/1.2
Canon 35mm f/1.2
Canon 24mm f/1.2

Adobe Lightroom Classic + Photoshop


Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-2

Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-1

Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-6

Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-9Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-10

Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-14Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-13

Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-17Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-19Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-1-2Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-20Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-21Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-22Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-23Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-25

Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-28Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-30Tallie Johnson Photography Engagement-29

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