Amanda and Jacob Engaged // Trail Ridge Road Engagement Session // Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement // Above Timberline Engagement

I have been anxiously awaiting for the day where I could see love shine brightly for Amanda. I have known Amanda since she was 8 years old. She grew up next-door to my brother and has actively been around our family for over 10 years. She has lived with me, been all over the U.S. with me. We have cried together, laughed together, competed in many board games together, and is one of the only humans that could call her self a “sister” to me. She is an incredible photographer herself and through all our personal and professional adventures, we have always talked about her wedding day and future husband.

Along comes Jacob. An eager, and persistent man of God that found his way into Amanda’s heart during their time at University of Northern Colorado. Meeting through mutual friends and campus church events, they found themselves quickly falling for one another despite their differences of candy flavors (Jacob loves Grape… we all can agree he is unique in that department). Endless laughter and sweetness emote from them when they talk about one another and their love story. Nothing brings me joy than to see a man love Amanda the way she deserves. He is a strong leader, and total goofball like she is, and a values her talent and beauty both internally and externally. She lights up around him, you can tell she is comfortable and infatuated by him. There is a feeling of protection that consumes them when they are together, both looking out for one another is a beautiful site.

When Amanda told called me a few months ago asking how old I was when I was engaged to be married, I knew exactly where the conversation was going and I was freaking out with joy! SO happy for her and this amazing guy. I am so sad that I won’t be able to capture their wedding (as I will be about 10 days postpartum) but I am so honored to capture their love in the most epic way possible during their engagement session in Rocky Mountain National Park. I decided that God was showing off through is nature backdrop and sweetness shared between their love. I did not want to stop taking photos. They endured some hot sunshine and freezing cold wind on high up cliffs with me actively saying “hold it… the sun is almost there…”. It was worth it.

Congrats Jacob and Amanda, you two are going to be the most amazing married couple and I am exceptionally proud of you both!


*From a photographer standpoint, I love this engagement session because we dealt with every type of lighting situation possible. Bright tree shade, dark moody woods, and the brightest direct sunshine ever due to being at the top of the mountain tops. It was freezing cold at the end, and risky and totally an adrenaline rush. Its gonna be hard to top this! Absolutely a challenging and fun verity of photo situations* 

5D Mark III
24mm f/1.2
35mm f/1.4
50mm f/1.2
85mm f/1.2
70-200 f/2.8 

Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-1Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-5Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-6Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-8Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-9Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-10Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-11Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-12Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-13Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-15Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-16Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-17

Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-18Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-21

Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-25Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-26Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-27Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-28

Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-40

Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-31Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-32Tallie Johnson Phtoography 2018-1-2Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-33

Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-34Tallie Johnso Photography 2018-35


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