Mountain Themed Nursery | Awaiting for Finley Scott to Arrive

We are 40 weeks! The last 3 weeks have been some of the longest weeks but I have grown (more than physically!) these 3 weeks than any other time over the last year. I have been and out of prodromal labor. It can be mistaken for “false” labor, but the reality is that it is very real contractions that do get closer and closer together and stronger in intensity. We spent hours and days on end, lack of sleep, hospital trips with only to hear the words “No Progress”- still stuck at that lovely 60% effaced and 1cm. Most woman who go in and out of this type of laboring is the body’s natural way of flipping our little beans, well now watermelons, from being posterior/sunny side up to anterior. Usually, a baby being posterior is not a huge deal, but for me, it meant misery and laying in bed for long hours on end.

God has been teaching me a lot these past weeks. Mostly about his faithfulness and reminding me that He is LORD, He is in control, and I am absolutely not. I have been reading randomly here and there throughout the Bible and each and every time it goes back to the idea of how powerful, loving and holy He is. How He wants to give us the desires of our hearts when we delight in Him. In and out of waiting, emotional anticipation and physical exhaustion, you sometimes have a really hard time “delighting” in the Lord. But, I think that has been His plan all along: to reveal the motives behind my delighting in Him. Was I doing the prayers and worship because I wanted this baby to come out? Maybe I could out-wit God with perfect prayers and begging. Or maybe I needed to be reminded that He is holy because He just simply is. No matter what the curcumstances, He is God. He is in control. He is almighty. He is worthy to be praised. Even in the midst of patience- something I strongly lack and something he is oh so willing to teach me.

So as I hit 40 weeks, full-term, I sit here on our couch happily and peacefully rubbing my belly, feeling his tiny foot stretch into my rib, his little hiccups go on forever, or his head cut off some of the nerves in my legs, I am reminded that “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty”. I am so excited to hold this little boy that was perfectly knitted together by the powerful and loving LORD.


Here is a look into his nursery! I am so excited to share it with you!


The FIRST thing we bought was the woodcut, hand made print from one of our most favorite stores Pikes Street Press. Cody and I both saw that and fell instantly in love knowing that boy or girl this was perfect inspiration.

Reading is SUPER important to us. My parents read to me every night before bed constantly adding voices, making Dr. Suess come to life, CS Lewis and Narnia overtook my older years and snuggling with fuzzy blankets before bed is something Cody and I do ritually. SO the Kiva Ladder to grab a blanket quickly for snuggles and Canoe bookshelf to tie into his theme BOTH at our local Canyon Collectables Antique store off 4th in Loveland was a real find.

With half of our family in Washington, the other half here in Colorado, our love for fishing in both places as well as the National Parks, we had to represent both!
Prints are from Anderson Design.


OH this baby will be well dressed. I always was under the impression it would be harder to dress little boys over little girls. Lies. All Lies. The shoes are so addicting to purchase. The onesie sweaters I have collected. The Flannel shirts, adorable jeans, Carhart beanies, slouchy beanies… Now I just need to put them on Finley.

Side note- SO happy I bought a dinette for our changing table! It was cheaper than a dresser and much more fun to look at, plus totally reusable in the future.

THE MOST precious part of the nursery for me is this quilt. I HATE sewing. Always have. Always will. I take after my grandmother for this rather than my mom. Thankfully, my mom lives close and loves to sew . I was able to choose the fabrics and the design to create the perfect quilt for my little man then had beautiful time bonding with my mom, learning how to create something wonderful for someone special.

Crib from Target.
Fabrics from Spoonflower & Hobby Lobby


These animals. I cannot express the love for these stuffed animals.

  1. The bear in the red was Cody’s favorite bear growing up as a child.
  2. The bunny was our first stuffed animal given to us by Grandma MiMi & Grandpa Coach
  3. The Fox Cody gave to me on Mothers day this year (Finley the Fox!)
  4. The last bear was the one Cody gave to me to ask me to his Senior Prom almost 8 years ago.

Letters of Love. Cody surprised me with a letter to Finley at my baby shower. With tears streaming down my face with his promises to be a loving, God leading father to Finley, I had to frame it. Which lead me to write my own for him as well. They are our prayers also for his future and life that will hover above him as he sleeps.

Other details that I love!


Cannot wait to show you everything baby Finley! ANY day now.



2 thoughts on “Mountain Themed Nursery | Awaiting for Finley Scott to Arrive

  1. Natalie, just wow. I know Finley is growing everyday- and I stumbled on this blog post way after the fact- but you encouraged me SO much with your words. The reminder that God is good, all the time, and holy is He! That was what I needed to be reminded of this day. Your nursery, and heart towards motherhood is a blessing to read. Thank you for your blog!
    We miss you- and always know, you introduced our Summer to dance- and that love continues on.

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